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Sunday, October 14, 2012

For the AUNTS

I am never on here any more... not because I don't want to update on whats been going on in our lives but I just honestly forget that I have a blog. With work, kids, husband and hitting the gym more... my time is lost these days!! So I thought I would just post a bunch of pictures of the past months.... hahaha

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Christmas and Birthdays came and went and I was none the wiser to update my blog for friends and family. So here goes my picture and video montage!

First up is the boys Christmas Party at school. They had a book exchange and decorated cookies. I absentmindedly wrapped the boys book to exchange at school in Cars wrapping paper and John had a melt down because he wanted the Cars wrapping paper. He cheered up when pizza and cookies came around.

Then Brian and I decided for their birthday we would put their bunk beds together! They love them and have not fought over who gets the top bunk. Right now John is up there!
Then came Christmas Eve at the Synnott's. We had so much fun opening presents with the family. The boys got so many things that they were still opening gifts when everyone walked away thinking we were done.

Christmas Morning... Good and bad
Santa came but John didn't think so since there were ONLY 3 gifts under the tree.
Reminder for mom and dad to not do Christmas and birthdays so close together next year!!!

Brandon in his Christmas bath, they got bubbles in their Stocking from Santa.
Next up is Christmas Day at my parents... Again, so many gifts the boys didn't know what to play with! They were a little overwhelmed by Christmas Eve and Christmas morning that they were a tad bit cranky at Grandad and Jojo's house. But all in all, it was a great Christmas!

Morning of their 4th birthday....BIKES

We headed over to my parents, they have a gated house so they were able to ride around with me not worrying about cars! They loved it!!

And the next day....
Mommy really wants school to start back up!

The annual snow day in our neighborhood.

And we will end pictures with this one... NO IDEA!