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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Friday!

Since the boys were little they have always been excited about tractors. They would love to play on them and watch them but would never get on them with my dad or ride on it while it was on. That all changed today for John.
Here is grandad and John riding on the tractor Brandon excited to see John and grandad

Loving to turn the wheel
The boys and grandad!
Trying to figure out have everything works
Brandon and grandad
Lets get this tractor going!
I Love John Deere

Growing Up

As I said in an earlier post here are some pictures of the boys getting ready for MDO.

Brandon on the way to MDOJohn ready to go

All packed up
Doesn't he look all grown up
John not understanding why he has to wear shoes and socks
My boys
Getting ready for MDO.... wanting to wear brothers shoes
Brandon all ready :-)
First day of MDO... Brandon with daddy
John not wanting to leave the play room

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry I have not pictures to add to this post but the boys ventured out to MDO for the first time yesterday. Brian and I got the boys ready and headed over to the Lamb School. It was nothing I thought it would be. Basically we walked to classroom door and handed them over to the teachers and left,no mulling around to watch them! When I went back to pick them up the teacher told me they did fine. Not much crying and ate good and even slept on their nap mats. So all in all a good first day. I promise to get pictures soon! They also told me Thursday would be worse because they will remember that we are dropping them off.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picture Overload

These past couple of days have been crazy. The boys are starting MDO on Tuesday so I have been trying to get everything ready for them. I have been a little stressed not knowing really what they need or what I need to get but things have calmed down and tomorrow we go to Meet the Teacher. I am super excited and pray the boys do well!

They wanted to dress themselves again! ONE SOCK

Some of our new patio furniture
Old furniture but cute picture anyways

My good friend Jenny and I made the boys nap mats for MDO. This is John's pattern
and this is Brandon's
Here is Brandon's nap mat, his name is being embroidered on it

and this is John's
This is the nap mat rolled up and flat

Brandon testing it out
John giving it a go
Brandon being Brandon
Brandon reading
John chillin
They actually are beginning to LIKE EACH OTHER!!!!

The boys kissed each other for the first time today!!!! TOO FUNNY

Friday, August 14, 2009


All we need now is patio furniture, a picnic table for the boys and to fix the gate to the boys play area. We are almost there!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MDO advice

I need every mothers advice that has had her kids in Mothers Day Out. I am just wondering how the twins will adjust. They will be 20 months old when they start and I know that is a good age... well I at least think it is but my kids are very shy and attached to me. I am freaking out that the first day they are in MDO that I will get a call 30 minutes later asking me to come pick them up because they wont stop crying. Does every mother go through this? I am not worried about leaving them or that they are not ready I am worried about them not adjusting well. Any one out there have really attached kids that went to MDO and did fine?