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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a month

June has gone by so fast I can not believe that I have written only a few posts this month. I have not been very motivated, just been in kind of my own world this month. Maybe it is because I don't get that 5 hour, two days a week break. Anyways, we have had some good times this month none the less and have some good pictures (I need a new camera) to show you of the boys who are 2 1/2 now! TIME FLIES.
We have been painting A LOT lately, well they are starting to want to finger/hand paint now so it gets a little messy.

I also got the boys these cute kids shaving kits, Brandon loves watching daddy shave and really is good at doing it himself. John just likes to put shaving cream in his hand and wash it off in the tub, he did try and eat some of it though...

We even tried out painting with our feet.
They had fun trying it out!

What can I say?

News: Brandon and John are almost ready for potty training, at least in my mind they are. Brandon will tell me when he needs to pee pee or he will just run to the potty but it only happens when he is wearing undies... the past two days he has spend out a hour to two hours in undies (just for fun). John is starting to get interested in it now and is trying to pee pee on command and asks to go in the potty too. So I am getting more and more willing to try it out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sorry we have not been around. June has been a crazy month and am so glad that it is almost over and July is on the way here!!! We have so much exciting things happening in July... Fourth of July at the lake, swim lessons, and a trip to San Antonio and then potty training! I can not keep Brandon from peeing everywhere, mostly outside but it is becoming a bad habit and John is quickly trying to follow Brandon. The only things that scares me is bladder control. I feel like we will be prisoners in our own house for awhile because Brandon can "go" every 10 minutes! Other than just hanging out we have not been doing much, it is hot and the boys just want to be in the water.

Brandon and cousin Rachel!

Cousin Julia, Cousin Ellie and John
Of course!
Poor baby, 4 band aids!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Since the boys have been out of MDO for the summer we really have not had a schedule (which drives me nuts) so we have been spending alot of time outside, at the mall, keeping cool inside, and at the lake! I will just say I can not wait for MDO to start back up!!
We do have ECI still coming and John is doing great! He is talking more and more and we are so proud of him! We are going to MOM's (mother of multiples) play groups and an art play group. We are trying to stay busy!! The boys also have swim lessons next month, that should be very interesting.
The boys playing with water balloons for the first time!

I am such a sucker! My mom bought these for the boys. Brian thinks these are ridiculous!
Tent time, it is a lousy tent but all I could figure out and the boys have fun watching tv under it.

We went to the lake this past weekend and had such fun! We had a new toy to play with!!!

finger in the nose and closed eyes!