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Monday, June 14, 2010


Since the boys have been out of MDO for the summer we really have not had a schedule (which drives me nuts) so we have been spending alot of time outside, at the mall, keeping cool inside, and at the lake! I will just say I can not wait for MDO to start back up!!
We do have ECI still coming and John is doing great! He is talking more and more and we are so proud of him! We are going to MOM's (mother of multiples) play groups and an art play group. We are trying to stay busy!! The boys also have swim lessons next month, that should be very interesting.
The boys playing with water balloons for the first time!

I am such a sucker! My mom bought these for the boys. Brian thinks these are ridiculous!
Tent time, it is a lousy tent but all I could figure out and the boys have fun watching tv under it.

We went to the lake this past weekend and had such fun! We had a new toy to play with!!!

finger in the nose and closed eyes!