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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Random pictures!!

We had such a great weekend! We headed up to the lake and the boys are doing better and better each time. John didn't want to play in the boats but he wanted everyone to play in them and he said he would watch. John did go for one ride though!! Brandon could not get enough of the boats or the water!!
We had great food, good company and fun times!

We even tried out big boy beds for the first time and they did AWESOME. Did not freak out or even try to get out of bed. They were and still are such champs!

Mom and dad even got out on the water
New toy!!
Last night when we got home from the lake we tackled the boys room!

Its not decorated the way I want, I have to make some changes since the beds are not in the same places as the cribs were so its a work in progress right now!


Jenny B said...

Yea! I'm glad they did so well in their big boy beds. I was so not ready to get rid of our crib, but she did so well. I'm glad your's did too!

krogers1579 said...

CUTE STUFF!!!! I miss the boys- what has it been 2 weeks???? too long :)