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Monday, May 10, 2010

May happenings

Sorry I have not been around, I feel like there has been so much happening that I have little time to settle down and look at my blog.

The boys had their spring school pictures, they were super cute and just love them!

Fall '09 and Spring '10
Well it feels officially like summer here, we spent our first weekend at the lake and in the boats the whole time! John was doing alright with the boat rides, he really just wanted to sit and play in them while Brandon wanted to drive and go FAST in the boats. The boys also had their first taste of nutella, I am pretty sure they liked it.

Last Friday after Brandon got well, he got a fever on Sunday and it lasted through Wednesday morning, we went to the Oil Ranch with the moms of multiples group. It was a beautiful day and the boys enjoyed it. Brandon was a little scared of the animals and John chased after them all. They would not ride the pony though :-( But we got to ride a train and a tractor.

Fun picnic, John ate three half's of peanut butter and honey sandwiches!


What a great mothers day we had. We got up and I was presented with a new coach purse and awesome snuggles from the boys. We headed to church then to my brothers house. Aunt Nini and Uncle Brandon made everyone lunch and we had such a wonderful time with family, the boys made Jojo, Mrs. Kathy and Nana paper lilies. After hanging out at my brothers we headed over to Nana and cooked her dinner. It was a whirl wind of a day but a great one. When we got home I noticed John felt hot and he indeed had a fever, no going to school for him tomorrow!