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Thursday, June 23, 2011

just something to pass the time

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm losing my mind!

I think I start every blog by saying "where has the time gone". I only posted one blog in May not maybe two in April. I am falling behind and I can't believe it. I thought I would be a much better blogger but time is just going to fast and I forget to get on the computer and blog about what the boys have been up to. Much is the same right now other than its summer and they are not in school which is the reason for the title of this blog. I love that it is summer, the boys need this time but do mothers of toddlers? I know I will sing a different tune when they go to school 5 days a week!! May was good to us. We had a lot of fun and it went by too fast.

Mothers Day was a great time. Before the actual day we went over to Kristy and her sons Zack's house for play time. They had a blast visiting with Zack and making mothers days cards for Jojo and Nana.

My little artists!!
We also have been playing with play dough, I just thought it was cute.

For Memorial Day we headed up to the lake, the boys have been looking forward to going all winter. They no longer have anything to do with the BIG blow up pool we bought, all they care about is getting in the lake. I even got a picture taken of me...


Cool dudes!

We have not had many outdoor toys for the boys to play on. We live next to a great park and Nana has a pool so we have not really done much but since the boys are big on being outdoors we decided to get a trampoline. They really like it!

Nice and blurry but you get it.

We finally took a Peek family trip to Breckenridge. Brian, the boys, my mom and dad, Aunt Nini and Uncle B and I all headed up to the mountains this past week. The boys did great with the plane rides and the altitude. All they wanted to do though was swim in the pool. Brian always tells me that when he went on family vacations as a little boy all he did was swim no matter if they were at Disney World or a water park. All he wanted to do was swim in the hotel pool. Well the boys are not much different. We did go eat out and go to the park and the children's museum. But in Breckenridge in June there is NOTHING TO DO. We were all well rested and shopped a little. I will say Aunt Nini and Uncle B entertained the boys. The boys are still talking about them. I forgot to take a lot of pictures... I just forgot to carry around my camera. Sorry!!

Thats all folks.....