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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a month its been

I can not believe May is almost over. The boys will be a 1 1/2 old next month! Sorry that I am just getting to posting an update but our computer is on the fritz so we are looking into getting a new one.
We are getting back to life as we know it... playing inside, outside and going places. We just are not happy playing by ourselves anymore in the playroom. I guess it comes with growing up!
Here are some pictures from the past week or so.

Brandon over at my parents house trying to mow the lawn. John not wanting his picture taken but I had to get a picture of his new shoes!!!

The new spot they love
Ok, Huck Finn
Dog beds?
The new game the boys love to play

One of my mothers day gifts... they love their chairs

So I posted earlier about my dad and Brian building a fence within a fence for the boys to play in... well here it is! No dogs allowed
well maybe...

I went to my first play group outing alone. The park was a lot of fun

For Memorial Day we went to the lake. We had a lot of fun and the boys had a blast in the water all weekend

The splash pad

John spent most his weekend in the water

Brandon loved swinging this weekend
New hiding place
The boys sitting in the gift my brother and I got my mom for mothers day
Ofcourse we had to have shrimp
Doing what we do best.... eating
Soon to be Aunt Nini reading to Brandon (my bother and Nicole are getting married June 1st)
Uncle B and John reading PRICELESS.... just love this picture and NO he did not drink any!
Brandon helping... John
The weather was great so we decided to take a boat ride
The boys wanted to drive

the boys getting use to the life jackets. As you can see John just went still and Brandon didn't like it much either
Our friends invited us over to play
They mostly wanted ot ride Andrew's 4-wheeler
Just had to throw these cute pictures in of the boy
We have had a wonderful May even with having colds, croup and roseola! The boys are such little boys and we are loving to see their personalities come through. Can not wait to see what June brings

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Been crazy

I have become such a bad blogger. As the boys and I get into different routines it seems I spend less time on the computer (not to mention I read too much). I am truly sorry for this, especially to my family. Lots have been going on.
Brian and my dad (THANKS again) built a fence in our backyard... well a fence within a fence. A place for the boys to play but the dogs are not allowed in! (pictures coming)
Still trying the one nap days but not doing the best. I know they are old enough for it but they just like two naps which really kills our day. So we are still working on it.
The little stinkers have learned to CLIMB... enough said!
Brandon got pretty sick right after mothers day and had a 48 hour bug that consisted of a high fever and just wanting to be held. That of course made it hard to play with John who was wanting to play the entire time. Thanks to Brian who stayed home and my mom who helped out when I asked.
Brian and I got to go out of town for his last company meeting as "The Structure Group". His company got bought out and this was the last thing planned. It was so fun, we got to go to Arizona and spend two nights there. It was sooooo hot but we had a great time. Thank to Brian's parents for hanging out with the boys!
Mother's Day was great. While is Arizona on Saturday I got a massage and pedicure and I also got to order they boys chairs from Land of Nod. Can not wait for them to arrive. I also got an ice cream cake! We spent the afternoon with my family and tried spending the evening with Brian's parents but that is when Brandon's fever started so we left early and tended to him. All in all it was a great day.
With Brandon not feeling well we have spent three days inside locked up in our house waiting for his fever to break and it finally did Tuesday night. So we spent Wednesday just hanging out letting him get back to his cheerful self. Hopefully we will be out and about soon!

John with a whole doughnut whole in his mouth

Brandon finally feeling better

OH NO.......

Now I never post pictures of me because I don't like pictures... but I like these (secret... fake tan)
Some of our view
Loved the outfit, had to show it off
My Man!!