The Synnott Twins

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

And here we go...

This is Brandon. This is the boy who wants to know how everything works and why. Is is just a little over three and the questions have begun. My favorite right now are: whatcha doing mommy/daddy? If I tell him the day of the week is Tuesday he will ask "where is Tuesday?" I will say it's a day of the week. "Where is the day of the week?" We go round and round but I love his inquisitive mind. This is John, he does not want to ask you how things work, he wants to figure it out all on his own. He still likes to play alone but will play with other just as well. He is in love with basketball right now has become more and more sure of himself. He will tell you what he wants and won't let down... hmm, I wonder where he got that?
My boys washing their cars. Yes, it is February and they are in swimsuits. Oh, and they are both POTTY TRAINED!!!!
Brandon had a blast
John decided to do other things.
We decided to head up to the lake for Presidents Day and grandad gifted them with their own fishing poles. Saying they were excited is an understatement. They had such a great time. We spent so much time down at the dock watching them cast!!

Great Picture!

And now a video of how fast my boys are growing. I can believe we are going to go have to by bikes soon!! But how exciting, they did so great!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Life in pictures

A little explanation: during potty training it was so nice out we HAD to get out of the house so this was my solution!!! By the way, they are potty trained, well at least during the day. I still put them in pull-ups during nap just in case but even at school they stay dry during nap. It really was not too bad getting through training 2 toddlers at once.


Best picture by far of them together!