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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Year and a half!

I can not believe my little babies are 18 months old. I can now say they are a year and a half old. WOW!
They just seem so big these days. They are jabbering up a storm and saying a few words like mama, dada, nana, dog. That is really the only ones I can recognize. They are everywhere climbing and getting into everything. They both still love to be outside and swing and play in water. John is being very shy these days with people and very clingy to me still. I pray this passes and he warms up to people. Brandon is just everywhere with everyone. He still does not like it when I walk away from where he is though. They get their checkup on Thursday so I will post their stats then. I am excited to see how much they weigh and their height. One thing I am noticing with both of them, they are both becoming more independent. They want to drink out of adult cups, use utensils and sit on the couch all alone. It is too cute but also very frustrating as they struggle getting use to these new things.

Here is John at a restaurant holding his "big" cup
Brandon sitting in the "big" chair

Brandon trying to use his spoon with yogurt
John decided his finger was better
At the lake this weekend they played with water hoses... they have become obsessed
Here is Brandon putting water in the sand
John filling up the pool. LOVE this picture

Playing with daddy
Its been so hot daddy didn't mind getting wet

My dad showed up with BIG MABLE... Brian took this picture of me getting ready to ride
Brian getting ready

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not much going on

I don't know if I mentioned it but Brian and I celebrated our 5 years together this past Friday. We went to LDL Casino Thursday night and had no luck but still had a night away from the boys and had a great time. My mom and her bestie Debbie watched the boys and John ended up getting sick. He had a fever and just wanted to lay on Jojo (my mom). When we got home Friday he was the same. His fever broke Sunday morning and then the spots showed up.... ROSEOLA! I took him to the pedi yesterday and of course there is nothing you can do but wait it out. Anyhow, he is better today but still very cranky and clingy... only to me. The funny thing to me is that on Mother's day, Brandon was sick and now of Father's day John was sick. They just want us to pay total attention to them. We had a great Father's day though. We skipped church since John had a fever the night before and just hung out. Brian's parents came over for lunch and we spent time just watching golf and relaxing. We went to my parents that evening an had smoked ribs....yummy!
So basically we are inside until John is 100% and just trying to pass the time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bubble bath

Need I say more?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Water,water and more water... and maybe a cage?

The Houston heat is killing us this summer so we have been trying to keep cool by playing in the water almost everyday. It is interesting because my water boy (John) has eczema and it gets worse in the water but we prevail and do it anyways!

This is their new whale pool in our backyard. The new water table that doesn't truly interest them but you have to have one... right?

My moms best friend Debbie works for the school district and since she is out for the summer we just had to drop by her place. My mom and Debbie braved the pool with the twins
They LOVE the water hose
Brandon lounging
John likes the taste of sunscreen???

They also found the dog cage at Debbie's and just had to play in it while eating lunch... nice and sanitary

Brandon has food all over his face!
Playing on the splash pad in our back yard
John playing with our dog Lucy
Like I said, the water table does not much interest them
Just had to include these:

Daddy found a new way to play with the slide

Fun Giveaway

A Little Etsy Love has another give way from picky sticky.... it is one of the coolest things and even if I don't win I think I might this stuff anyways. What am I talking about? Take a look

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Newlyweds

Last night we had dinner to celebrate my brother Brandon's marriage to his new bride Nicole. Great friends and family, delicious food and fine wine made the evening wonderful. I am super excited for Brandon and Nicole and wish them all the happiness in the world.

Here are a few pics from the night

The happy coupleMy parents

That cake was so good!
Both sides of the family

The parents with the happy couple
Our side of the family
Brother and sister
Mom and Brandon
Listening to Mr. Tribo (Nicole's dad) give a toast
Had to include my hubby
Out for drinks after dinner
Had to end with this pic.... classic Brandon