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Monday, March 29, 2010

The end of March

Mother of Multiples Egg Hunt:
Last weekend Brian and I took the boys to the MOM's Easter Egg Hunt. We had such a blast and the boys did so well! They played and ate cookies and saw the Easter Bunny (we of course had to bribe them). Anyhow, here are some of the pictures from the event.

In other news, John's speech therapy is going well. He is trying to talk more and seems to interact a little better with other people. He still prefers to play alone and predictability but we are working on it everyday.
He is also having an issue with hives, not sure what that's all about but we are watching him closely.
Brandon is doing well and being more active and fun everyday. Right now he is obsessed with Wonder Pets (tv show) and the going to the park.
He is talking more and more and we are trying to help him say two or three word phrases. It is a work in progress!
I can not believe that April is tomorrow... I can not believe I will be 30!!! Brian and I will be taking a trip to Napa for my birthday and leaving the boys with family for 7 days. We have never left the boys that long and I am nervous about it. April is going to be one busy month....

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Brian and Brandon were getting the bath ready and Brandon said poop and Daddy asked if he wants to go in the potty and HE DID!

Big man went poo poo in the potty tonight

Monday, March 22, 2010

John (update)

ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) came out to evaluate John for his speech. It was a great visit with lots of questions and it was very overwhelming. I truly don't remember much so I will just give you the run down!
He qualifies for speech therapy by one of their therapist 3 times a month for 45 minutes.
They said that he is talking around the 18-21 month age. He is almost 27 months. There are things they said he should be doing, like talking in three word phrases. They did say he doing wonderful in all other areas for a 2 year old! I could go into a lot of detail but I truly don't know how to explain everything they said in words. Sorry for being so vague!!!
I have to say I am happy that we are getting help early in his childhood so he can over come this and we can communicate better. Brandon will also benefit from this. He is behind as well just not as bad so he would not qualify if we had him tested. We will use what we learn for both the boys and I am very excited to see what Brian and I can do to help John progress and help Brandon talk in phrases as well.
After they left I have to admit I started to get upset because I felt and still kind of feel as if this is my fault. I could of read to John or repeated words or spent more time with him to help him along. I am with him most and I feel like I failed him. i know he is just behind but I know I could of done something. Maybe less tv and more books, less books and more talking and playing... I just feel bad. I know he wants to talk and communicate with me and just can't. He walks me where he wants to go rather than tells me. He points to what he wants rather than tells me. BUT he is talking much more that he did before his surgery. He is trying very hard to talk to me so we think he might be in a mental growth spurt and that's why Miss Megan (our therapist) is coming over as soon as tomorrow to start working with the little man!
I am excited yet nervous! Please pray for John to warm up to Miss Megan and to work well with her, please pray it rubs off on Brandon and please pray that Brian and I can work with the boys daily and continue what the therapist will do.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break - Day 2, 3, 4

I feel like we have been super busy but we have not really done all that much! Tuesday, it was rainy so we had to stay in! The boys seem bored with all their toys so I had to decide what to do and I came up with finger painting... what was I thinking?

They did really well until Brandon started painting himself but they did make pictures for daddy (I don't know why the pictures are not the right way).

after painting we had to take a bubble bath to clean up!

St. Paddy's Day: Wednesday was a fun filled day for us. We woke up and went to Cara's for our art play group. She is such a crafty lady!!! We mixed blue and yellow to make green paint and then had potato stamps to stamp with the green paint! SO FUN

She also made some cute cookies, the boys ate it all!

After nap we headed over to Nana's, our plan was to go out for the afternoon but of course the boys just wanted to play over there!

Brandon and Nana

Look at him try and ride a tricycle

My boys!!!!


Thursday, we went to go visit Uncle Brandon in Humble. It was such a beautiful day we headed to the park to play and watch the planes go by!

We ate lunch outside

Uncle B and little B (I love John's face in the corner)
When we got home from Uncle B's house we had to watch Wonder Pets
After nap, after they woke up grumpy, I stripped them down and let them play!


Tomorrow is the last day of Spring Break (well, its Friday and the weekend starts). I can not believe spring break went by so fast but I am so glad it did. I loved hanging out with the boys, they are precious and so funny! But I will be glad to get my two days of freedom back when they go back to school!