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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break - Day 2, 3, 4

I feel like we have been super busy but we have not really done all that much! Tuesday, it was rainy so we had to stay in! The boys seem bored with all their toys so I had to decide what to do and I came up with finger painting... what was I thinking?

They did really well until Brandon started painting himself but they did make pictures for daddy (I don't know why the pictures are not the right way).

after painting we had to take a bubble bath to clean up!

St. Paddy's Day: Wednesday was a fun filled day for us. We woke up and went to Cara's for our art play group. She is such a crafty lady!!! We mixed blue and yellow to make green paint and then had potato stamps to stamp with the green paint! SO FUN

She also made some cute cookies, the boys ate it all!

After nap we headed over to Nana's, our plan was to go out for the afternoon but of course the boys just wanted to play over there!

Brandon and Nana

Look at him try and ride a tricycle

My boys!!!!


Thursday, we went to go visit Uncle Brandon in Humble. It was such a beautiful day we headed to the park to play and watch the planes go by!

We ate lunch outside

Uncle B and little B (I love John's face in the corner)
When we got home from Uncle B's house we had to watch Wonder Pets
After nap, after they woke up grumpy, I stripped them down and let them play!


Tomorrow is the last day of Spring Break (well, its Friday and the weekend starts). I can not believe spring break went by so fast but I am so glad it did. I loved hanging out with the boys, they are precious and so funny! But I will be glad to get my two days of freedom back when they go back to school!


krogers1579 said...

looks like yall have had alot of fun :) Such cute pictures!

Cara said...

You do such a great job of finding stuff to do to keep your boys occupied! Finn and I always do lots of stuff at home, but I know we need to get out more. Just because I love being at home doesn't mean that he enjoys it! How do you ever get anything done at home, though? Of course, just because I'm at home, doesn't mean I'm being productive! Looking forward to school again next week, so I can have my Tuesday and Thursday mommy time again!

Thanks for the shout-out! :)