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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh What A Day

The boys woke up and loved playing with their train table. The only snag is that we have to figure out how to keep it together, it falls apart alot!

We have had a great couple of days here in Houston so we have been outside two days in a row in the afternoon and making it home late and not being able to cook dinner for daddy. We have to take advantage of this weather while it lasts!


Staci said...

We have a smaller wood track and we hold it together with wood glue. After the 5 thousandth time putting it back together I had to do something. :) I got the idea from the train table at our local book store theirs is glued together and even glued to the table.

Amy Jo:) said...

Hey Courtney! When Noah first got his train table he was constantly taking it apart or accidentally playing too hard and it would come apart. We did not want to permanently fix it to the table, since we knew when he had more birthdays, etc he might get more fun things to add to the we chose not to glue or nail it. Although, we have thought about it a lot since Andy started playing with it too! Anyways, we bought Sure Track clips .... .... and they help. They are not an absolute fix, but they make it a bit more difficult to come apart. They sell them at Imagination Toys and Shoes at Louetta and 249, or you can get them online. I am sure other places sell them too!!! Your boys are just too cute!