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Monday, March 29, 2010

The end of March

Mother of Multiples Egg Hunt:
Last weekend Brian and I took the boys to the MOM's Easter Egg Hunt. We had such a blast and the boys did so well! They played and ate cookies and saw the Easter Bunny (we of course had to bribe them). Anyhow, here are some of the pictures from the event.

In other news, John's speech therapy is going well. He is trying to talk more and seems to interact a little better with other people. He still prefers to play alone and predictability but we are working on it everyday.
He is also having an issue with hives, not sure what that's all about but we are watching him closely.
Brandon is doing well and being more active and fun everyday. Right now he is obsessed with Wonder Pets (tv show) and the going to the park.
He is talking more and more and we are trying to help him say two or three word phrases. It is a work in progress!
I can not believe that April is tomorrow... I can not believe I will be 30!!! Brian and I will be taking a trip to Napa for my birthday and leaving the boys with family for 7 days. We have never left the boys that long and I am nervous about it. April is going to be one busy month....


Amy Jo:) said...

Hey! I love the boys shirts! Your little guys are so cute!

Josh and I are going on a cruise this month - and will be gone from our kiddos for seven days also....I am so excited and nervous about it! It seems like a LONG time!