The Synnott Twins

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Friday, December 16, 2011

His Kids Christmas Program 2011 Video

This was the boys very FIRST performance ever. I have to say I was a proud mother to see my children up there singing and doing hand motions. Brandon is a stable animal (cow) and John is...well, John. He does not like to dress up so he didn't!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

4th Birthday Party

The boys celebrated their 4th birthday on the 10th so all their friends would be in town! We finally decided not to have the party outside in December and had it at their gymnastics place! They had so much fun and are still talking about it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

Ready for the Holidays

Well its that time again, Thanksgiving and sickies! Every year around this season one or both of the boys gets sick. I don't know if it is allergies or how the weather goes from warm to cold to warm in one day!! Even with not feeling well we are ready for the holidays! First up was the boys Thanksgiving Feast at school. The boys did great and did not fuss or cry once, it was truly a great time and they even saw themselves on the big screen telling us they were thankful for mommy and daddy (melt my heart).

We have not been to the zoo in a while so Friday we headed out with Jojo for an outing in great weather!! The boys had so much fun and walked the whole time (a feat in its self)!!

Saturday we packed up and headed to the Polar Express. The boys had a great time looking at and riding a real train!

I also had to add in some videos to document them singing. It is so fun to hear them at this age!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


My bad, the pictures are backwards but it still shows how much fun the boys had this year for Halloween! This was the first actual Halloween that the boys ran to each house and said trick or treat and thank you and even held their bucket the whole time. What a difference a year makes. Can not wait till next year when we might wear pj's for costumes :-)