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Sunday, December 26, 2010

3rd Birthday Party

Their birthday party went by in a blur. It was cold, fun and tiring all at the same time. We went with a Go, Diego, Go theme. The boys asked for a red and blue Diego cake and I tried to deliver. It was a cute cake but not very tasty but some of the kids ate it anyways!
Good friends, Brandon and Zack
We of course rented a jumper and they loved it. I had other things for them to do like make animal masks and save the animals from the snow but they didn't really care about it. With a jumper and a park, the kids were in heaven.

SANTA came to visit
Trying to get John to see Santa YAY
Brandon and Rachel, crazy cousins
The snow
My little boy
Great pic!
Love this!
bye bye santa
So the story goes... my grandad use to go around his town dressed as Santa and visit the children. When my grandmother passed my grandad gave the suit to my dad to use! He put it to great use for the boys birthday and it was such a hit! Almost every kid sat on his lap, if they didn't sit they were very curious. Here is my mom and brother getting him ready.
My mom and Santa

***sorry about the picture format, I did not take any pictures so there are borrowed***

Christmas 2010

What a crazy Christmas holiday we have had. We were blessed to spend time with family and enjoy each other but we did have little sickies around. John started getting a fever on Tuesday and lasted through Saturday (Christmas day). I think he has an ear infection and I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow (on his birthday). Brandon so far is ok but got a fever last night so we are watching him closely.
Anyways, we spent Christmas Eve over at Brian's parents. We had a blast hanging out and opening gifts. Brandon and John of course opened their first gift and it has stayed their favorite gift ever since. Brandon got a car he can take apart with a drill and put back together. John got a Little People car ramp.
I cut all my hair off last week, what do you think? I am not so sure about it! Back to Christmas... I love Christmas tree decorations!

The "gifts"

This was John all weekend and sad to say still is, always needing mommy when he is not feeling well.

John perked up after getting some meds and decided to play ball with Grandma Sally

Christmas day we went to my parents and ate Turdunken!!!! Brandon was such a great helper opening gifts and John of course found another toy to obsess over.


The big gift.....

They got cars to drive and LOVED them. They ask to go back to ride them all the time. They stay and Grandad and Jojo's

This was John most the afternoon on Christmas

We got home and Santa came to visit.

Brandon not feeling so well.... oh no, here we go again.