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Friday, December 17, 2010

And.... were back

It has been awhile!
We moved into our new home last weekend and am now getting ready to throw the boys a birthday party tomorrow. Can I say we are STRESSED!
Anyhow, I wanted to show you some picture of the house, excuse the mess :-)

First, don't you just love the boys Christmas shirts
Sorry about John's face.
Only picture I could get of Brandon, he is wearing his shirt too but he would NOT let me get a picture of it.
Packing... well, toddler packing.
all tuckered out and nowhere to sleep in the new house.
Finally looking a little festive. Had to decorate to make it feel like home in the midst of unpacking.

Our "study" in the master bedroom
Boys room, I will get around to decorating soon
Changed out the place mats for a tablecloth
Our room
Finally looking like we live here!

The beginning of Brian's entertainment center
New place mats

Lots and lots of bookshelves
I now have a train boarder on the left wall... pictures coming
Brian's Study