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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Money Shot"

Mark your calendars for September 7th!
We are set for an ultrasound at 2:40pm and hopefully we will get the "money shots" of the babies... the genders!

prayer request: please pray that the babies are HEALTHY and growing on schedule. Also that they cooperate and we are able to find out the genders!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Physical Therapy

This morning was my first physical therapy session. It was alright, not what I was expecting but it is good to know what is causing my neck pain. I have some really tight muscles in my neck, the scalene muscle is really painful right now and is very tight. Also the muscle that run up the back of the neck is also tight that it was hard to feel my spine. So all in all I found out what was wrong with me and thats about it. They gave me some streches to do and want to see me about once a week. They also did some light massaging but nothing that even helped out with the pain. They did say that massages are a good idea. So I might do the streches and get massages rather than the therapy. I am not to sure, I am going to figure it out this weekend. I go back Tuesday (if I don't cancel it) and will find out more then.

Now I am just waiting on a call from the peri-neonatologist to make my ultrasound appointment! Cant wait for that!

Friday, August 24, 2007

15 weeks and OB appointment

We have made it to 15 weeks safe and sound. Everything is looking good. My cervix is "rock hard" as the doctor put it and i am measuring about 19 weeks. She said that is perfectly normal for twins and does not indicate anything of having the babies early. My weight is 121 up from 117 three weeks ago... crazy!!! We have heartbeats of 158 and 160 which is good and my blood pressure is good as well. The babies are still sitting pretty low and when they went to find the heartbeats they would get one and then one of the babies would move and they would have to go looking for it again. It was so cool!
We are going to see a high risk doctor (neonatologist) for all of our ultrasounds. Basically because this is my first pregnancy and doing IVF and having twins they would feel more comfortable. Which is great because we will see the babies more often and have plenty of guidence if something might come up. So I will see the neonatologist and my regular doctor both once a month!! So everything is on track and looking great. We also got a referral for phyical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain which is AWESOME. I am ready for some relief.

Also the doc said that more than likely that they will take the babies at 38 weeks if they have not come before. She said that the neonatologist perfers that and we had already heard that from her assistant.... so it looks like January babies for us.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing new

Not much new going on with the Synnott's. We have been getting great advice from friends about what to register for and what we must have for when the babies arrive. Its been great to hear from women who have been through all this so I don't go off and buy something outrageous... even though every one knows I will. I even got a great email from a friend today that listed thing that women with twins need. It was so interesting to read! We are not close to registering yet but I have to admit it is so fun looking around. We go to New York in about 3 weeks and when we get back we will register for everything and get the ball rolling on the nursey room.
Tomorrow is my OB appointment and I am so ready!!!! I can not wait to hear the babies heartbeats again and know that they are doing ok. Also we will set the date for the "BIG REVEAL" ultrasound. We can not wait to find out what we are having. If you have not voted, I set up a poll on the left hand side of the blog.... go and vote on what you think we are having.
I am still getting some headaches but what is worse is my neck and shoulder pain. I can barely sit or stand or lay on one position for very long before I start hurting. Brian has been great and giving me massages but we are looking into seeing someone about it. So tomorrow should answer alot of questions we have. I will update you all tomorrow afternoon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So what does this mean?

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Another test...

Test Results
Your personality type is ESFJ.
Extraverted (E) 82%
Introverted (I) 18%
Sensing (S) 68%
Intuitive (N) 32%
Feeling (F) 60%
Thinking (T) 40%
Judging (J) 64%
Perceiving (P) 36%

link to this test

So am I normal?

Ok, now I know that was an easy question for some of you to answer.... but come on.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tummy Butter....

doesn't like me. It gave me a rash.

Also, my headaches have returned. Had a little one on Saturday and a huge one on Sunday. I am glad I go to the OB on friday for a check up....

Friday, August 17, 2007

14 Weeks!!!!

Well here I am at 14 weeks. I can not believe that in about 4 weeks we will find out the sexes of our babies..... any guesses?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not to bad

I have been very good about not having anything to sweet or for a matter of fact nothing sweet, not even fruit. Tuesday I got a headache around 8pm, not too bad though and felt fine. Yesterday I didnt get one till about 9:15pm which was great. I felt good for the most part. Went to bed right after "thinking" one was coming. So even though I do think they are hormonal headaches, which I can say are good because it means I am still preggers ;-) I think the no sugar thing is helping. Now my only worry is how to put on weight when I can't have any of the good stuff I love. I will have to figure soemthing out but not having headaches seems to be worth it. I will be introducing friut back in my diet today, not much but I would like to see if natural sugar is an issue. So today I will have a banana!!
Oh and tomorrow is 14 weeks... YIPPIE

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Think I Figured It Out!!

Well atleast I hope so!
So I have been getting these bad headaches for about a month now, almost every day. As you have read before I even ended up getting a migrane for the first time. What I didn't tell you all is how I have been eating. The night of my migrane I ate about 15 cherry sour candies. Granted I already had a headache that day but what I am thinking is that sugar makes it ten times worse for me. Last night I was alright, I could feel the on set of a slight headache but it was not too bad because I cooked dinner for the first time in many weeks. After dinner I ate some ice cream..... about 30 minutes later my head was pounding. It was hurting so bad! Since getting pregnant I have been eating more fruit as well which of course has natural sugar so I am thinking there in lies my problem.
I love sweets, I am a sweet eater, ask anyone! But today I am going to try and see if my little hunch is right. I am not going to have fruit or any sweets and see if my headache stays away or is just a slight headache. I will let you know what the findings are in a couple of days...

Friday, August 10, 2007

13 Weeks- Second Trimester... I Think

Today is 13 weeks. I can not believe this day has actually come. I told Brian in the begining of the pregnancy that I just wanted to make it past 12 weeks. So here we are and I am so excited about it. I have also come to learn something. Brian has been trying to tell me this for weeks but I was not listening to him because I thought I was right, go figure! So let me try to explain this as well as I can because I am still a little confused about it myself. Lets say for example that a woman is 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Well I thought that she would be in her 11th week.... NO she is actually in her 12 week. At 11 weeks, she has completed the 11th week and at 11 weeks 1 day she is starting her 12th week. So basically tomorrow I will be starting my 14th week of pregnancy. Now why don't we say that I am in my 14th week instead of 13 weeks 1 day. This is all so confusing! To much for me to take in.... So Brian, honey, you were right, for once!

Also we registered for a birthing class. I don't really know what to think of it though, it is from 9am to 5pm. Its like going to work...CRAZY! I guess we will learn alot and I am excited about seeing the hospital and all that jazz. We will be around 17 weeks when we go to the class.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bad Day Turns Into Bad Night

Well Monday was not the best day for me. As you had read my emotions were all over the place and they still kind of are but Monday night I started getting a headache. I have been getting alot of them lately and I have not taken anything for them because of course I don't want to do anything to the babies even though everyone and the doctors say that I can take Tylenol. I know, I'm stubborn!!
Around midnight my headache turned into a migrane and I could not sleep. Around 3:30am I got sick and then around 6am I got sick again. So I decided not to go into work and try and sleep it off. Well of course I could not sleep so I decided to eat some crackers and I kept those down so I thought i was getting better but my head was still hurting so I took some medicine. I ate some blueberry yogurt and about 30 minutes later I got sick again.... twice! I called Brian and he decided to come home and we called the doctor. They finally got back to me and decided to give me vicodin. Since I was not getting sick anymore Brian went back to work and my mom came over with the vicodin and hung out with me to make sure I would be ok. I took the medicine and about 30 minutes later got sick AGAIN. So we called the doctor again and they gave me some medicine to settle my stomach. Around 6:45pm I took both pills and my headache went away and I got some sleep. So all in all I get to say I have finally been sick! Didn't like it and hope it never happens again!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bad Day

Just need to complain and get it out for myself. Today I don't feel pregnant. I don't like this feeling!!! Nothing has happened to make me think something is wrong, no cramping or bleeding but I am worried. I also am wearing maternity clothes and they are all too big and I look gross. I feel gross wearing them because I don't look cute in them. I look like I am wearing baggy clothes and it makes me feel ugly. I thought with twins I would atleast have a good pooch by now to fill out some clothes but I don't and that scares me. It scares me that something is wrong. I just want to know everything is ok with my babies.....

OK, I needed to get that out!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

12 weeks

Here I am at 12 weeks 1 day! I am getting a little bigger as days go by. To answer your question.... YES, those are maternity pants. I had to break down and go by maternity pants this weekend because my regular pants were getting so tight around my stomach I was unzipping them. All I have to say about maternity shopping is that it is not all that great at the begining of a pregnancy. I think I am in the inbetween stage to where my clothes don't fit but maternity clothes are still too big. I could not by any cute maternity blouses because I looked horrible in them, I looked frumpy. I did by some maternity tees and those are cute and bought three pairs of pants from Old Navy maternity that fit great. I hope they last for awhile.... shopping for a new wardrobe is expensive and I still have a whole lot to buy. The lady at the store was telling me about sleep bras, nursing bras, pregnacy underwear..... blah blah blah. I am glad I had my mom with me but I was so overwhelmed by everything. I just can not wait to really be showing where I can wear really cute stuff!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

OB Appointment

Well all I have to say is that is was very anti-climatic!!!
We got to hear the babies heartbeats with a doppler so that was different. One baby had a heart rate of 160 and the other was 156. Both very good from what they said. I also have gain 3 pounds up from 114 to 117 and they said that's good too. With a twin pregnancy they want to see more weight gain so I am doing my job. She checked my cervix and said it felt good and that my uterus was looking like i was 14 weeks which is to be expected with twins. So all in all... everything is good.
Bad news.... I don't have another appointment for 3 weeks. I don't know how I will manage. My next appointment is set for August 24th....sounds so far away and I will be 15 weeks and then 3 weeks later we get to find out the sexes of the babies. Can you believe that is 6 weeks we will know what we are having!!! HOW CRAZY

Oh and to top it off.... I have poison ivy!