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Friday, August 24, 2007

15 weeks and OB appointment

We have made it to 15 weeks safe and sound. Everything is looking good. My cervix is "rock hard" as the doctor put it and i am measuring about 19 weeks. She said that is perfectly normal for twins and does not indicate anything of having the babies early. My weight is 121 up from 117 three weeks ago... crazy!!! We have heartbeats of 158 and 160 which is good and my blood pressure is good as well. The babies are still sitting pretty low and when they went to find the heartbeats they would get one and then one of the babies would move and they would have to go looking for it again. It was so cool!
We are going to see a high risk doctor (neonatologist) for all of our ultrasounds. Basically because this is my first pregnancy and doing IVF and having twins they would feel more comfortable. Which is great because we will see the babies more often and have plenty of guidence if something might come up. So I will see the neonatologist and my regular doctor both once a month!! So everything is on track and looking great. We also got a referral for phyical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain which is AWESOME. I am ready for some relief.

Also the doc said that more than likely that they will take the babies at 38 weeks if they have not come before. She said that the neonatologist perfers that and we had already heard that from her assistant.... so it looks like January babies for us.


kdurec said...

January is a good month to be due in. :) Good job with the weight gain! I don't even want to know what mine will be.

Shae said...

January 19th is a GREAT day for a birthday. :)