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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing new

Not much new going on with the Synnott's. We have been getting great advice from friends about what to register for and what we must have for when the babies arrive. Its been great to hear from women who have been through all this so I don't go off and buy something outrageous... even though every one knows I will. I even got a great email from a friend today that listed thing that women with twins need. It was so interesting to read! We are not close to registering yet but I have to admit it is so fun looking around. We go to New York in about 3 weeks and when we get back we will register for everything and get the ball rolling on the nursey room.
Tomorrow is my OB appointment and I am so ready!!!! I can not wait to hear the babies heartbeats again and know that they are doing ok. Also we will set the date for the "BIG REVEAL" ultrasound. We can not wait to find out what we are having. If you have not voted, I set up a poll on the left hand side of the blog.... go and vote on what you think we are having.
I am still getting some headaches but what is worse is my neck and shoulder pain. I can barely sit or stand or lay on one position for very long before I start hurting. Brian has been great and giving me massages but we are looking into seeing someone about it. So tomorrow should answer alot of questions we have. I will update you all tomorrow afternoon!


kdurec said...

I can't wait to hear about your doc appt tomorrow and to hear the date of the big reveal!
Registering is pretty exciting, isn't it? I think it's more exciting than registering for our wedding. :)

jess said...

I'm so excited for you!!!