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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Physical Therapy

This morning was my first physical therapy session. It was alright, not what I was expecting but it is good to know what is causing my neck pain. I have some really tight muscles in my neck, the scalene muscle is really painful right now and is very tight. Also the muscle that run up the back of the neck is also tight that it was hard to feel my spine. So all in all I found out what was wrong with me and thats about it. They gave me some streches to do and want to see me about once a week. They also did some light massaging but nothing that even helped out with the pain. They did say that massages are a good idea. So I might do the streches and get massages rather than the therapy. I am not to sure, I am going to figure it out this weekend. I go back Tuesday (if I don't cancel it) and will find out more then.

Now I am just waiting on a call from the peri-neonatologist to make my ultrasound appointment! Cant wait for that!


Dana said...

So you would say you are a 'stiff-necked' person? :)

I can't wait for your ultrasound either!!!

Nancy Mon said...


Pre-natal massage at The Nord.

Of course I never have had a pre-natal massage, but I have a regular one... in fact I getting one tomorrow night.