The Synnott Twins

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

8 months old

Tomorrow the boys will be 8 months old. I just can not believe how fast it has gone by!
The boys are doing so many things now....

loves to be tickled and laughs all the time
raises his hands to be picked up ALL the time
sleeps on his side now
really trying to crawl, he is almost there!
taking 8 ounces of formula at every bottle
trying smashed bananas and frozen fruit
loves to give hugs
claps all the time
trying to wave HI
bounces all the time on you or in the jumper
taking 8 ounces of formula at every bottle
trying smashed bananas and frozen fruit
doing great with a sippy cup
raising his arms more to be picked up

They are starting to notice each other more also
John finally noticing that liquid actually comes out of those big green cups
They just seem to be loving life right now and trying to get into everything. John goes from one thing to another in less than 5 seconds. Brandon is just so content sitting around as long as you are with him.

We are off to the lake again. Daddy had to go to Orlando for work so my mom was so gracious to offer me help we decided to make a week of it and go to the lake and stay for her birthday and over the holiday! We do not have internet up there so I will most likely not post till next MONDAY!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh come on....

I should just stop telling ya'll. John has a third tooth. It is on the top... can not really tell the position.
Off to little gym and then the LAKE.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


to pass the time while it's raining
The boys are going to be just like daddy.... computer nerds :-)

a video of John... whatcha think?

Yet another one...

Brandon now has his second tooth. My goodness can they come in any faster now!
In other news... It has been raining for 4 days now and the boys and I are stir crazy and driving each other CRAZY... but loving being together. I missed them while I was in Vegas!!

Some random pictures:
I am beginning to think Brandon is too big for the swing

A new toy... it ends up being a table for when they can stand
Getting ready to eat
Playing after eating

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another tooth

John has a second tooth!!!

Plus some random pics of when the boys cousins came to visit.
Brandon sucking on John's foot

Brandon and John after thier cousins fed them
The "girls" feeding the "boys"
They did such a great job!!
The Synnott/Ashby Family

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well sort of.... I am off to a friends bachelorette party in VEGAS! I will not be posting till Monday so don't go thinking I left you guys!

Everyone have a great weekend

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yes they are wearing long sleeves in August but they are about to outgrow these outfits and they were to cute for them not to wear!

Brandon got his first antibiotic for a secondary infection from his viral cold. He has yellow and green snot and snores while he sleeps and is just so fussy plus he got his first tooth so that does not help!

John is now using the inhaler Brandon was on because he has gotten the cough and we pray that he will not get the secondary infection.

Brian is feeling about 85% and I feel about 50% better. I still have the sniffles and made Brian come home early yesterday to help out so I could sleep.

So please pray for all of us to get better soon!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Brandon got sick...
John got sick
daddy didn't feel well
I'm now feeling well
Brandon is getting it again.

It really just seems like the boys are getting the sniffles because of teething and maybe a cough comes with that and Brian and I just have allergies BUT none of us feel very good!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Couple of new things

These pictures are not in order of the last couple of days but this is what has been going on:

Uncle Brandon and John on the twins first boat ride

Daddy and Brandon
Uncle Brandon and Brandon
Daddy, John and Grandma The boys

All my men
Uncle Brandon wearing the boys sunglasses
Uncle Brandon and John
Daddy and Brandon

He hated his lifer jacket

Didn't really know what to think
Daddy and Brandon


The swings
Brandon's first swing
John's first swing
They are so TIRED

New toy


Hanging out

New toy and Brandon did not like it being so loud!!

Brandon learned to clap!!!

*** Some of you have have asked about our boys names. Brandon is named after my brother and John is named after Brian's father***


Brandon got his first tooth!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just some pictures from this past week

John just hangin' Brandon wondering why the camera is in his face
cute hat, we were at babies r us
I think he liked his hat
just another day at home

come on, the camera again!
I know I'm cute but please no more pictures!