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Monday, August 18, 2008

Another tooth

John has a second tooth!!!

Plus some random pics of when the boys cousins came to visit.
Brandon sucking on John's foot

Brandon and John after thier cousins fed them
The "girls" feeding the "boys"
They did such a great job!!
The Synnott/Ashby Family


Becky & Scott said...

what great pics! i love the one of brandon sucking on john's foot! how cute is that! twins must be soo much fun!! they are always doing cute twin things!! hope all is well and that you had fun in vegas! ;)

kdurec said...

Can I just say how much that I love that Brandon is in a pink bouncer! :) Cute pics. :)

Harris Boys said...

love the chewing on the foot...I have quite a few pics of the boys in the same pose!

Cassi said...

Yay for another tooth! No worries Courtney, they will hold their own bottles soon!!! Just keep trying! You're doing a GREAT job :)