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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Couple of new things

These pictures are not in order of the last couple of days but this is what has been going on:

Uncle Brandon and John on the twins first boat ride

Daddy and Brandon
Uncle Brandon and Brandon
Daddy, John and Grandma The boys

All my men
Uncle Brandon wearing the boys sunglasses
Uncle Brandon and John
Daddy and Brandon

He hated his lifer jacket

Didn't really know what to think
Daddy and Brandon


The swings
Brandon's first swing
John's first swing
They are so TIRED

New toy


Hanging out

New toy and Brandon did not like it being so loud!!

Brandon learned to clap!!!

*** Some of you have have asked about our boys names. Brandon is named after my brother and John is named after Brian's father***


Ashhog said...

I Love the swings! And the video-looks like my two playing together too! :)

Harris Boys said...

I love those swings and those hats...just too cute. this may be a stupid question, but was brandon named after his uncle? is that your brother or you hubbys?

kdurec said...

Okay, first of all, I am so jealous of the boat pictures! It looks like so much fun!

And I don't know why you hate pictures, you look so cute!

And Brandon clapping is ADORABLE! I can't wait until Kendra learns how to do that!

kdurec said...

I just went back and watched the boys playing and Kendra was playing happily on her playmat and she rolled over and looked right at me smiling and cooing while she heard your boys! Apparantly she thinks Brandon crying is funny! :)

Jenny B said...

Ok those are sooo cute! They are so adorable.

and you look fantastic, but I know what you mean, I hate getting in the pictures too. :)