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Friday, August 1, 2008


Brandon has a cold and is on an inhaler for his cough. He coughs all through the night so he is not sleeping to well. He breaths heavy all day but despite all that he still plays and smiles. I think both boys are teething and that 7 months is not a fun stage :-) lots of transition!! We are trying to move to 2 naps a day since they DO NOT nap well. I am pushing their 9am nap to 9:45 or 10am if we can do it and their 1pm nap to 2pm! Please pray that the boys get in some good nap time. They really need it sine they are being so cranky!!! Not much else going on, just trying to do new things with them so they don't get to bored.


Double the blessing said...

When I read your posts it feels like I do about some things. Naps for sure. We are moving to 2 naps 1at 10 am and the other at 2. Yesterday adn today it went really well. They may only sleep about 45 mins but at least they know when nap time is. (or they are starting to anyway)
Hang in there.

Becky & Scott said...

Poor Brandon!! I hope he gets better soon!! {{HUGHS}}