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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lots of things (the 2nd half of December)

Birthday Party
We had a small birthday party for the boys on Dec. 19th. We rented a bouncer and had Chick-fil-a. It was a great time. It was suppose to be an elmo theme party but the bouncer was a truck and the shirts I got the boys were elmo themed but it was too cold for them to wear them! Oh well! We had a great time anyways...

They loved the balloons

School Christmas Party
The boys had their School Christmas Party in their classroom and Brian and I went to see them. It was fun to see them in their element. John cried for about 15min. after we showed up and Brandon was happy to see us. We all did a craft and then they ate lunch and had cookies. Of course I had to make cookies again.


We spent the night over at Brian's parents on Christmas Eve and this is what we woke up to. The boys loved opening gifts with their cousins for the second year in a row. Of course they got an apple and an orange in their stocking and it was total chaos but good chaos. We had a great time eating and watching all the kids opening and being amazed at all the gifts. One things Brandon did all day was sat ooohhhh at every gift while John just observed what everyone was going and taking everything in.

We headed over to my parents house around 9am and the boys loved opening their gifts. They got lots of cars and trucks, they got motorcycles from their aunt Nini and Uncle B. They didn't seem to overwhelmed and just loved all the wrapping paper and boxes!

After Thanksgiving I asked my dad to build the boys a tool bench, I thought that any tool bench I bought them that they could most likely break it. So Brian and my dad went over and above what I ever imagined and this is what my dad got the boys for Christmas!

It has lights, stickers, tools attached and even a wheel to turn! And its in John Deere colors...

After church on Sunday, which was the boys birthday we headed over to Brian's parents house to have a little family party for the boys. We had pizza and fruit and oreo dirt dessert. The boys got an awesome easel and some much needed gift cards. Fun was had by all!

They got some great toys for their birthday and the last one that was revealed was the roller coaster from my sister-in-law. It was a great hand me down toy that the boys love!!

The boys go to thier 2 year check up in the begining of January, I will post thier stats and things they are doing!!!