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Monday, December 7, 2009

Potty Introduction?

Alright all you parents out there who can remember when they introduced their kiddos to the potty, I need your help!
Brandon and John have been indicating to me that they are ready to at least be INTRODUCED to the potty. Brandon points to his diaper when he has a dirty diaper and sometimes when he has just gone pee pee. John sometimes looks at me while he dirty's his diaper and also will lay down to get his diaper changed with out asking. With that being said they also run from me when I want to change their diaper. John tries to take his diaper off all day long but he also likes to be naked all day too. As I said before Brandon has taken his diaper off before as well.
So I have decided that I want to introduce the potty to them to see if they would even be interested in it. I was not going to do this till this coming summer while they were not in school but we have Christmas break coming up so this time is as good as any. They have two more weeks of school so I wanted to take that time to show them and tell them about the potty.
So what I am getting to is that I need all the help and advice I can get since I have never done this before and have NO clue what I am about to embark on!
Please, please, please help me out here!


Anonymous said...

I just introduced my girls to their new potties today! I have no idea of any strategy but I do know letting them get used to seeing them and just sitting, in my girls case, is a great way to introduce them to the idea. I have been having them go with me into the bathroom when I do my business for a good few weeks now. I assume your boys can pull their pants down and back up. That's one thing I have read that they should be able to do before attempting any kind of training. My girls are getting closer to that point but not quite there. I hope you get some good advice. I need to get a book on it. Good luck and I can't wait to hear how it goes for you.

Stephanie S

Staci said...

We do not have little potty's but have been putting the twins on the big potty before they get in the bath tub. They flush and play with the toilet paper but in all honesty are not ready at all. I agree with Stephanie about the pulling up pants. My kids can get them off but not back up.
I have read closer to age 3 is better. Good Luck!

Jenny B said...

Start off by introducing them to it, by putting them on it at night right before bath time because you are more likely to catch them needing to go then. Then move up to once right after they wake up in the morning, then right before nap time. These are ones that they will always do, so it's good to start them that way. After they get used to that, then start to take them every hour or hour and half so they know to go in the potty and not their diaper. It's ok if they don't go, it just gets them used to going. Then when you are successful a few time with them going start to ask them if they need to go. When you have a week or so of them staying mostly dry consistently throughout the day then try them either naked or in underwear. It takes about a week for them to learn to hold it consistently with underwear, so don't give up after a few days.

Read stories to them, sing songs, play games, anything to make it fun to go to the potty. That will keep them on long enough for them to go hopefully, too.

I would suggest a seat that sits on the potty. They are less likely to get off of it. You might want to get a small potty for one to sit on while the other is on the big potty too though. I've never trained twins, it would definitely save you time. :) Be sure to get rewards of some kind for them when they go to the potty. I did dehydrated pineapple, it tastes like candy, or you can do m&m's something that they don't get ever.

I have trained a lot of kids, so call me if you have any questions. :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'll just say that we thought the little Baby Bjorn potty chair was great! (No bells or whistles, so he didn't think it was a toy!) And we started him going on it every night before bath. That was all we did for quite a while--like 6 months or more (because that was around 22 months old and there was no way he was ready). Then at about 2 1/2 we went cold turkey to underwear. It did take about a week to get completely trained. And I have heard the same about pulling the pants up/down, but ours couldn't. I just wanted him trained bad enough that I went with him every time and did it for him. He eventually got that part too. Good luck!