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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coolest wedding ever!

Brian and I were very honored to witness the marriage of one of Brian's college buddies this past weekend. It was a traditional Indian wedding and we had such a blast!

The pictures are not in order of the happenings of the weekend

This is the very happy couple.... oh and this picture was taken in the middle of the wedding while I was hanging out on stage with them. Is she just not stunningThis picture was taken at the reception after the happy couple was announced.

Brian and Alpesh (another college buddy)

Brian and I at the wedding. Not only did the bride get to do an outfit change, so did I!

My man!

Brian's crazy friends

Brian and the groom after the wedding but before the reception...

A picture taken as the ceremony was going on

Us girls got to hang out on stage while the ceremony was going on!

Indian traditions

Brian peeking through up on stage

The groom entering

The stage

We all got to wear traditional sari's to the wedding. It was the coolest thing. This is us with the groom

Brian and I, yep that's my belly showing. In the background are some of Brian's friends who were groomsmen.

Us loving the attention

Documenting the moment

Brian and I at dinner

Me getting ready for the dinner our first night there

I have to say that Indian wedding are fun. The wedding started at 12:30pm and while we were there we had lunch (while the ceremony was going on), ate ice cream, talked, got to go up on stage and hang out. It was very informal for us but very traditional and involved for the bride, groom and priest. We left around 3:30pm (yeah, that long) and went back to the hotel so the gals could change out of the sari's and into reception attire. We went back at 6pm and hung out and had dinner and took pictures till around 9:30pm. What a fun full day. the best part was being able to wear traditional Indian sari's and getting to see the wedding up close and personal on stage while eating ice cream!
We had a great time and saw so many good friends.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have been tagged...

My friend, Katy, tagged me for this, so here's what I have to do....

1. choose the 4th picture folder on my computer.
2. choose the 4th picture.
3. explain the picture.
4. tag at least 4 people to do the same.

This is a picture from my husbands friends wedding in Buffalo September of 2007. We were just hanging out at the reception and these are two of Brians friends.... from left to right: Jason, Brian and Tom

I tag:





Happy 11 months

A little late...
The boys are 11 months old. I can not believe that they are only a month away from turning ONE! They are on the move crawling everywhere and walking along all the furniture! Other than that life is about the same....oh, they are on the mend, they are FINALLY getting well!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can it get any worse

I had to change Brandon's diaper 5 times in less than an hour!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun Times

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Status Update

The boys are still sick. Brandon has it the worse as now he has a cough, the nasty diapers, a fever and refuses a bottle. John has a fever, some nasty diapers and refuses the bottle as well. I am going insane but getting through it. All I want is for the boys to get over this for Thanksgiving. We have had too many sick holidays with me alone. We are doing the BRAT diet, even giving them gatorade to keep them hydrated. It just seems to go right through Brandon. John just doesn't seem hungry. Anyhow, we are all still alive and trying our best to deal with our first real sickness for the twins.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Early Thanksgiving

Some of my family came down from West Texas for an early Thanksgiving. We had a great time hanging out and visiting ven though the boys were going through diapers every hour!

John and I spending some time together

My goofy brother

Daddy and John in my dads workshop "the barn"

Brandon getting one of his many diapers changedJohn wanting a snack

Brandon wanting the camera

Mommy climbing the rock wall

Trying out the monkey bars... alot harder these days

my mom trying out the monkey bars.... hehehe

getting ready to eat

resting after eating some snacks

Aunt Nini, John and Big Brandon hanging out

Daddy and Brandon

loving the pop-up igloo tent


The boys Christmas gift...
Brian hanging out at the picnic table

John wanting outside

Brandon wanting to go for a ride

The Igloo
Granny holding Brandon, he wasnt feeling well!

Granny with John

Doing dishes

new toys