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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awe, poor guy... part 2

Brandon seems to finally be getting better. He has not had any vomit but has had many many days of diarrhea. Today is the first day he has not had any... yet! John however has gotten the bug and his dinner was in his crib this morning and he has had two really bad dirty diapers. They are both now on soy formula, pedialyte and bland food. The pedi told us to do soy formula because milk just makes their stomachs more upset. So we have changed many many diapers in the past couple of days and have cuddled and loved more than usual. Please pray for these little ones to get better!


Adam and Andrew said...

Poor babies! Hope everyone is well soon!

Cassi said...

Oh no! LOTS of prayers for the boys :( Kisses from M&M!