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Saturday, November 22, 2008

another update

I spoke too soon... Brandon has had 4 bad diapers and now is not taking his bottle and I think he is getting dehydrated and I am at a loss about what to do. Any ideas out there??? John is fussy but only had two bad diapers. Not a fun time at the Synnott household right now!


Jenny B said...

I'm so sorry. That is no fun at all, times 2 at that. :( Do popsicles. I made some out of gatorade or you can do pedialite. That way they at least get something.

kdurec said...

That stinks! We are dealing with diarrhea too (Kendra, not us). She has diaper rash now because of it, it's terrible! I hope you all start feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

If he is not drinking, they say to use a dropper and feed them a teaspoon at a time...pedialyte, gatorade, or juice.

Double the blessing said...

oh we went through that when we were in Texas. The dr told us just to do the B.R.A.T diet, bananas, rice, apple sauce or toast. Lily would only drink the unflavored Pedialyte. After about 5 days she got her appetite back.

Ashhog said...

Yikes! So sorry I haven't been reading many blogs lately! Wish I had known! I agree with everyone else about pedialyte and brat diet. But I hope that they are better by now!

Love ya!