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Monday, November 17, 2008

Not much going on...

Not much has been going on with us lately. Just been hanging out and loving the weather. Friday daddy stayed home Friday so I could go shop at the Nutcracker Market! It was so much fun and then I went looking for stuff for the boys 1st birthday. Saturday we went to go visit our friends Jenny and Todd, they just had their second son Mathew. Sunday I worked in the church nursery and hung out with the boys. They are doing well in the nursery but it runs into their nap time and they start to get fussy, don't know what I am going to do about that! Then we went over to my parents and Brian and my dad worked on our car while my mom played with the boys and I just kinda laid back and watched. The boys are hating the pack-n-plays at my moms house for some reason so they are not getting good naps over there and we will be spending all week over there while my grandparents are in town. Please pray the boys go down for good naps this week!

And of course some pictures:

Brandon doing his head stand... he does this all the timeJohn finally liking all foods!

This is how Brandon eats, he just stuffs it in his mouth! Those white things are his four teeth...he has 6 teeth now

The boys

First bubble bath... daddy was at a church event so I took care of bath time!


Amy Jo:) said...

Way too cute!

Harris Boys said... their bubble bath!!! Glad John is starting to eat more...great news!

Heather E.... said...

I have a suggestion on the Pack & Play we have to do this for our daughter. We had to get a twin egg crate and cut it down to size then put the sheet over it! WORKED LIKE A CHARM! I wrote about it on my blog you can check it out.