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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Switching over to whole milk

Starting at the beginning of December Brian and I are switching the boys over to whole milk.... slowly.
My question to all of you is this:
If you remember how you switched to whole milk, how did you do it?
What sippy cups do you think are best and how did you get them to only take sippy cups?
When does the night bottle (the 4th feeding) stop?


Harris Boys said...

we did it pretty fast...and pretty much went cold turkey. we had one can of formula left and when that was done the boys were on milk 100%. we did do a day or two with half formula and half milk..the boys took to that so well we just switched to milk all the way.

with sippy cups...its really trial and error. what might work well for us won't for another kid. we like the playtex sipsters, gerber sip n smile, playtex Insulator sippy cups.

it took till the boys were almost 18 m/o to get off bottles. I wasn't in a hush rush...I figured when they were ready they would drop the bottles and they did.

Good luck :)

Ashhog said...

I think I've already kind of explained how we did it. If you have any questions let me know. Dean is on sippy all the time and Cooper takes his milk in a bottle and water in a sippy. I'm like Katie and am in no rush with Cooper. It's different with every kid and he's not one to rush. I'm not worried about it. Good luck and again, let me know if you need anything!

Amy Jo:) said...

Hey! We started with a cup of 3/4 formula, 1/4 milk...he did fine with then we went to half and half...then the next day he tolerated milk straight up. It just depends on your kiddo. Granted Noah ended up with a casein allergy and could not actually drink it - but taste wise he did fine. We use the First Years take and toss sippy cups. They do not have any valves or parts...just the cup and lid, which I liked. I just wash them in the dishwasher. Noah moved to them pretty easily. But - every kiddo is different on that one too!

Jenny B said...

I agree with harris boys. It can be like weaning from breastfeeding. If they are attached to the bottle, then they won't let go until they are ready. Give them all the oppurtunities to give it up, but if it is just too hard for them, let them have it a little while longer. We didn't bottle feed, but Ansley would only drink milk if it was cold. So I did cold goat's milk first in a sippy cup only. Then at about 14 months I switched to cow's milk. Goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's so it doesn't hurt their tummies as much. Ansley's tummy got really upset when I first tried cow's, that's why I went to goat's.

It still took her a long time to learn to drink from a sippy cup though. I don't know if your pedi told you this, but milk isn't as nutricious as formula, so you don't have to worry about them drinking as much as they did when they were on formula. Just make sure they have water too. It may take them a little while to adjust then they will drink more.

The Sanders House said...

i switched keegan straight to milk without mixing. he did totally fine. i also gave it to him in a bottle because he did not want a sippy cup. as soon as he started taking a sippy cup, i put up the bottles and he never looked back. (we will see what happens with Jack..i am kind of nervous since he is particular!)

Anonymous said...

We switched "cold turkey" and it was fine. I also put it in a bottle. I put diluted juice in a sippy mornings...that was kind of an incentive to get ours to get started using the sippy cup. Once they were used to juice in it, we then switched to milk, water, etc. in it as well. Good luck!

Cassi said...

Cold Turkey in the sippy cups and cups with straws. They were totally into it by the end of the 2nd day. There may be a lot of fussiness, but better to get it over with then have a long drawn out process, in my opinion. Whatever works best for you though!