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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is it Fall?

I don't want to say it because it won't be true.
Has the weather really gotten better and Fall is on its way into town? The weather has been in the 80's, low humidity and cool night!
I just can't believe it!!!
Since we can go outside without sweating we have been spending a lot of time in the back yard.
John played while Brandon tried to help daddy out with some yard work.

We had lunch on the back porch.
And in other news the boys tried tacos for the first time and loved them. Super messy but so cute and funny.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Funny John

There is this app on the iPhone for Talking Tom, it's a cat and it is a random app but the boys love it and it repeats what you say and this is all John will say to it....

Playdate fun!

Not sure why mickey is not turned the right way but this is John's new toy!

And this is Brandon's, this is because he is a big boy and no longer has a paci!! He still asks for them and is still a little temperamental when he doesn't get his was but we are trying to work on this.
In other news, on Friday of last week we went to K2 Academy. Love this place!!!

I have also decided what the boys will be for Halloween! Woody and Buzz Lightyear, however I am going to do it a little different. Since the boys are still young and don't understand Halloween and are not asking to go "trick or treating" I am letting them wear pj's. Yep, that's right.... Woody and Buzz Lightyear pjs. They will get so much more use out of them!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

No more paci

While I was away celebrating the long life of my grandmother, Brian (super dad) was at home watching the boys. What did he do while I was away? He got rid of Brandon's paci's! Brandon has not had his paci in over 3 days. He asks for them randomly and we just say he is a big boy and doesn't need one. He gets upset but we try and divert his attention to something else. Tomorrow i am going to take him to the store and get him a new toy for being such a big boy.... John too.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Sad Day/ A Great Day

Not only is the today the 9th anniversary our freedom was tested but today is the day my loving grandmother went home. She passed this morning and it breaks my heart. I love her very much and will miss her every day. She was a spitfire but that's what I loved about her the most! I could joke with her and she would just come right back at me. She was hard working, loyal, caring, spiritual, and most of all in love with my grandfather. Of all the many years they have been together they have never been apart, except for hospital stays. Today is the hardest day in my grandfathers life and I feel for him more than he will ever know. I wish I could fill that void he will feel but I pray God will watch over him and bring him comfort. Please keep my grandfather in your prayers! I know she is now in no pain and very very happy as I know she is in Heaven but she will be missed dearly.
I love you Granny!!!

This was taken when the boys were nine months old (those boys were chubby). She loved her great grandson very much. In her last month I visited her she had both of the boys pictures tucked away in a magazine on her bed.

In other news, 34 years ago today Uncle B (as we call him) was born. He is a goof ball and the boys love him like crazy!! Happy Birthday Brandon

To say the least, today has been a great and sad day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor day and other happenings

Crazy September!!!
September always starts out with celebrating my moms birthday. It is on the 1st, so its fitting. I will be getting to that since I put the pictures in random order.
So we will start with Labor Day weekend at the lake!

We got to go over to Todd and Jenny's and they fed us some amazing food and let us play on the jeepster while they took out our jet ski. John and Brandon loved it. John had to have me next to him while he tried it out and then got occupied with running up and down hills. Brandon only needed me for a moment while he got use to it. We will be getting some of these soon!!

The boys really enjoyed the lake a lot this time around. I guess with swim lessons they are a little more secure being around water. All they wanted to do was fish and jump in the lake.

oh, and fly kites too.

Now on to moms bday- we headed to the Aquarium! We spent three hours there and it was pretty fun, the boys were wild but really didn't disturb anyone!

Our air conditioner broke a couple of weekends ago so we spent the night with my dad (mom was out of town). Brandon loves Moby!
Painting of course! Trying to keep cool.
Since the house was still HOT we tried to nap upstairs, it didn't work but they were cute!