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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Sad Day/ A Great Day

Not only is the today the 9th anniversary our freedom was tested but today is the day my loving grandmother went home. She passed this morning and it breaks my heart. I love her very much and will miss her every day. She was a spitfire but that's what I loved about her the most! I could joke with her and she would just come right back at me. She was hard working, loyal, caring, spiritual, and most of all in love with my grandfather. Of all the many years they have been together they have never been apart, except for hospital stays. Today is the hardest day in my grandfathers life and I feel for him more than he will ever know. I wish I could fill that void he will feel but I pray God will watch over him and bring him comfort. Please keep my grandfather in your prayers! I know she is now in no pain and very very happy as I know she is in Heaven but she will be missed dearly.
I love you Granny!!!

This was taken when the boys were nine months old (those boys were chubby). She loved her great grandson very much. In her last month I visited her she had both of the boys pictures tucked away in a magazine on her bed.

In other news, 34 years ago today Uncle B (as we call him) was born. He is a goof ball and the boys love him like crazy!! Happy Birthday Brandon

To say the least, today has been a great and sad day.


kristyo15 said...

So sorry to hear about your grandma. Y'all will be in our thoughts and prayers in the coming days.

Bobbi said...

sorry about your grandma. prayers for your and your family.