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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor day and other happenings

Crazy September!!!
September always starts out with celebrating my moms birthday. It is on the 1st, so its fitting. I will be getting to that since I put the pictures in random order.
So we will start with Labor Day weekend at the lake!

We got to go over to Todd and Jenny's and they fed us some amazing food and let us play on the jeepster while they took out our jet ski. John and Brandon loved it. John had to have me next to him while he tried it out and then got occupied with running up and down hills. Brandon only needed me for a moment while he got use to it. We will be getting some of these soon!!

The boys really enjoyed the lake a lot this time around. I guess with swim lessons they are a little more secure being around water. All they wanted to do was fish and jump in the lake.

oh, and fly kites too.

Now on to moms bday- we headed to the Aquarium! We spent three hours there and it was pretty fun, the boys were wild but really didn't disturb anyone!

Our air conditioner broke a couple of weekends ago so we spent the night with my dad (mom was out of town). Brandon loves Moby!
Painting of course! Trying to keep cool.
Since the house was still HOT we tried to nap upstairs, it didn't work but they were cute!