The Synnott Twins

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Status Update

The boys are still sick. Brandon has it the worse as now he has a cough, the nasty diapers, a fever and refuses a bottle. John has a fever, some nasty diapers and refuses the bottle as well. I am going insane but getting through it. All I want is for the boys to get over this for Thanksgiving. We have had too many sick holidays with me alone. We are doing the BRAT diet, even giving them gatorade to keep them hydrated. It just seems to go right through Brandon. John just doesn't seem hungry. Anyhow, we are all still alive and trying our best to deal with our first real sickness for the twins.


Heather E.... said...

Try gripe water & do the brat diet... dont worry about milk products at all. Do it for 48 hours... should clear it up. My Kayla had that and that worked for her... Hope it helps some!!! You guys have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!