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Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Day

So today we woke up to it snowing outside. It snowed off and on till around 3:30... pretty cool if you ask me. We let the boys go out and play in it but they were not really into it and when they went outside it just started snowing. When they cam in to warm up by the fire, it was snowing so hard but it was time for the boys nap and if you know me I am Hitler when it comes to the boys routine. So we did not get many good pictures with them in the snow but they loved watching it from the window but truthfully they were not to into it that much.

Here is when it started....

Right before it really started to snow.

They could see it and feel it but I could not get the snow on camera.

Hanging out after nap.
Well, our Christmas tree is up but only decorated a 1/4 down because the boys love taking everything OFF!

I think it's pretty though!

All in all, I think Brian and I had more fun with Snow Day... maybe next time the boys will make a snow man!


Harris Boys said...

awww so fun! we're suppose to get snow tomorrow :) we'll see.

love your tree!

Kelly Fisher said...

Seeing your Christmas tree only 1/2 decorated brought back so many memories. I think it's beautiful! :D

katy said...

Looks like fun! Your tree cracks me up. Ours is pretty sparse down at the bottom too, but I risked it and put a few ornaments there. Kendra has already pulled two off the tree, we'll see how many more she takes down before Christmas is over. :)