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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yes they are wearing long sleeves in August but they are about to outgrow these outfits and they were to cute for them not to wear!

Brandon got his first antibiotic for a secondary infection from his viral cold. He has yellow and green snot and snores while he sleeps and is just so fussy plus he got his first tooth so that does not help!

John is now using the inhaler Brandon was on because he has gotten the cough and we pray that he will not get the secondary infection.

Brian is feeling about 85% and I feel about 50% better. I still have the sniffles and made Brian come home early yesterday to help out so I could sleep.

So please pray for all of us to get better soon!!!


Harris Boys said...

love their little striped cute!

hope ya'll start to feel better asap!!

kdurec said...

Oh my, I am praying for you to get better as well as the boys!

Lauren said...

Ugh, it is really hard to be sick and try to take care of one baby, much less two! I had mastitis when Noah was about 8 weeks old, and it was AWFUL. I feel for you!

The Myers Family said...

OH NO! I hope ya'll get better soon. If they are stuffy, try vicks baby does wonders to help them breathe. I also buy those vicks things that you click on at's no medicated. It's like a little fan thing that spreads the vicks smell throughout the room. I live by that and vicks on the chest and back at night. Also, it's always different for all kidos but have you tried a cool mist humidifier? My mom NEVER used them b/c she swore we got a cold from them. But my sister and i LOVE them and they really help a ton...or i think they do. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! It's hard to have sick babies! I know!

We'll be thinking of you!