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Saturday, August 4, 2007

12 weeks

Here I am at 12 weeks 1 day! I am getting a little bigger as days go by. To answer your question.... YES, those are maternity pants. I had to break down and go by maternity pants this weekend because my regular pants were getting so tight around my stomach I was unzipping them. All I have to say about maternity shopping is that it is not all that great at the begining of a pregnancy. I think I am in the inbetween stage to where my clothes don't fit but maternity clothes are still too big. I could not by any cute maternity blouses because I looked horrible in them, I looked frumpy. I did by some maternity tees and those are cute and bought three pairs of pants from Old Navy maternity that fit great. I hope they last for awhile.... shopping for a new wardrobe is expensive and I still have a whole lot to buy. The lady at the store was telling me about sleep bras, nursing bras, pregnacy underwear..... blah blah blah. I am glad I had my mom with me but I was so overwhelmed by everything. I just can not wait to really be showing where I can wear really cute stuff!


Shae said...

Court is wearing maternity pants... I am writing this on my calendar. :)

Dana said...

Courtney frumpy? Yeah, right.

jess said...