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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bad Day Turns Into Bad Night

Well Monday was not the best day for me. As you had read my emotions were all over the place and they still kind of are but Monday night I started getting a headache. I have been getting alot of them lately and I have not taken anything for them because of course I don't want to do anything to the babies even though everyone and the doctors say that I can take Tylenol. I know, I'm stubborn!!
Around midnight my headache turned into a migrane and I could not sleep. Around 3:30am I got sick and then around 6am I got sick again. So I decided not to go into work and try and sleep it off. Well of course I could not sleep so I decided to eat some crackers and I kept those down so I thought i was getting better but my head was still hurting so I took some medicine. I ate some blueberry yogurt and about 30 minutes later I got sick again.... twice! I called Brian and he decided to come home and we called the doctor. They finally got back to me and decided to give me vicodin. Since I was not getting sick anymore Brian went back to work and my mom came over with the vicodin and hung out with me to make sure I would be ok. I took the medicine and about 30 minutes later got sick AGAIN. So we called the doctor again and they gave me some medicine to settle my stomach. Around 6:45pm I took both pills and my headache went away and I got some sleep. So all in all I get to say I have finally been sick! Didn't like it and hope it never happens again!


Dana said...

ewww. you got sick on yogurt? again, ewww! and blueberry at that....

hope you are feeling better!

Kelly Fisher said...

I have been worried about you, girl...and have missed you this week!