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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Think I Figured It Out!!

Well atleast I hope so!
So I have been getting these bad headaches for about a month now, almost every day. As you have read before I even ended up getting a migrane for the first time. What I didn't tell you all is how I have been eating. The night of my migrane I ate about 15 cherry sour candies. Granted I already had a headache that day but what I am thinking is that sugar makes it ten times worse for me. Last night I was alright, I could feel the on set of a slight headache but it was not too bad because I cooked dinner for the first time in many weeks. After dinner I ate some ice cream..... about 30 minutes later my head was pounding. It was hurting so bad! Since getting pregnant I have been eating more fruit as well which of course has natural sugar so I am thinking there in lies my problem.
I love sweets, I am a sweet eater, ask anyone! But today I am going to try and see if my little hunch is right. I am not going to have fruit or any sweets and see if my headache stays away or is just a slight headache. I will let you know what the findings are in a couple of days...


Jilly~wife&mom said...

I hope that works for you! I can't stand to get a headache, let alone to get one daily.

Jenny B said...

I had one like that, mind you not a migraine, everyday starting about 11 weeks to about the end of the 2nd trimester. My dr said it was definitely a hormone headache b/c your hormones are rising so fast during that period and it goes away when the hormones start to level off. Hopefully the sugar thing will help. I had to have sugar to get mine to go away. :) My dr said to try a can of caffienated soda, I never did though. I was afraid to drink caffiene, even though a little is supposed to be ok, cause I'm a freak too. :) Hope the sugar thing helps!