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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not to bad

I have been very good about not having anything to sweet or for a matter of fact nothing sweet, not even fruit. Tuesday I got a headache around 8pm, not too bad though and felt fine. Yesterday I didnt get one till about 9:15pm which was great. I felt good for the most part. Went to bed right after "thinking" one was coming. So even though I do think they are hormonal headaches, which I can say are good because it means I am still preggers ;-) I think the no sugar thing is helping. Now my only worry is how to put on weight when I can't have any of the good stuff I love. I will have to figure soemthing out but not having headaches seems to be worth it. I will be introducing friut back in my diet today, not much but I would like to see if natural sugar is an issue. So today I will have a banana!!
Oh and tomorrow is 14 weeks... YIPPIE


Karie said...

i'm glad you're doing ok, courtney. i miss you!

Allison said...

Congratulations on making it to 13 weeks! What a big step. At 14 I found out the sexes of my you have any appointments soon? I hope your headaches get better and you are enjoying your pregnancy!