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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend and much more!

April 1st approached so fast, these past few days have been a BLUR...

On Thursday, the boys had their Easter Celebration at school, needless to say it was very interesting. I got their and both boys were excited to see me they started to cry (like always) and I didn't notice but Brandon was acting a little odd. He did not eat lunch and was very attached to me, usually he is good to just play around the room at school. John ate like a horse and had a good time with Kristy's cookies she made :-)

After school, we went to the park with Kristy and Zach (we do this once a week and have so much fun)... well Brandon was having some blow outs in his diaper and I went to go change his diaper and he proceeded to throw-up all over me. It was pretty disgusting! He threw-up twice Thursday and we had to get him anti-nausea medicine and meds for his ears (he was getting an ear infection in both ears) all of this before Easter and family coming to town!

We stayed inside on Friday and took it easy, I will say Brian and I changed Brandon's diaper at least 10 times a day from Wednesday to Saturday.

On Saturday we headed to Pine Forest for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Brandon could of cared less about it but John seemed to enjoy it and see his cousins!

They both perked up when I opened the chocolate!!!

John and Zach!

They got to play with confetti eggs at Nana's

EASTER SUNDAY... best pic ever, minus the paci ;-)

Easter cupcakes

Last night April 4th... John pee peed in the potty!


krogers1579 said...

YAY!!! They will be potty trained before you know it. It happens really fast when they are ready- not a minute :)