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Monday, March 1, 2010


I think the boys are entering a new phase in their toddler hood so I have some questions for you mommies out there!

At nap time the boys are now going down differently. I still put them down at the same time but 90% of the time one kiddo falls asleep before the other and then 90% of the time wakes up before the other and wake the other one up before he is ready to really get up (that all make sense)? The question is, at nap time should i separate the boys?

If no, how can I handle the waking issue?

If yes, do I put one kid in a bed at nap time since we only have two cribs and I am not moving the crib for nap time and I do not think they need to sleep in separate rooms at night. Also, if yes, do i start trying out big boy beds because of the crib issue at nap time (still making sense)?

Alright, that's it for now!


Staci said...

It was about the same age when I started separating mine at nap time. We had a guest room that I set the pack n play up and Preston slept in there. Nap time WAS much better. Now they are completely separated for nap and bedtime. Way to much play going on at bedtime. Preston and Lily are in toddler beds though so that makes a huge difference.