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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cabin Fever

John and I have been stuck inside the house for about two weeks. Needless to say we are both on edge and need to get out of the house. I had the great idea to get Nana and take the boys to the train by the zoo. It was Friday so I knew the zoo would be packed so I just wanted to ride the train and feed the ducks. The boys were so excited and gave me no issues about getting ready and getting in the car.
My little man 3 days after having his tonsils and adenoids out. I will say he has been medicated since Tuesday and it was chilly outside!

Nana and Brandon, right now Brandon says Nana's name all day... he just learned to say it!
The birds were more interested than the ducks... the boys loved it

John has not had much of a great appetite but he ate all the bread instead of feeding the ducks and birds!
My big man
We are now fighting to get the boys back on a normal schedule since being sick and John having surgery. They don't want to eat in their seats, they want to snack on junk food and watch lots of videos and only want juice. Brandon is doing well now since he got to go back to school but when John gets something he wants it too. John however is proving to be very persistent about watching videos. Today after only and hour nap for both boys, John cried and screamed for about 30 minutes because we would not turn the tv on. I felt so bad because I know his throat has to hurt!! Needless to say we spent a lot of time outside today. Praise God it was a nice day!!!!
**John will be going back to school with Brandon on Tuesday**


Cara said...

I'm so glad that John's recovery is going well and that you were able to get outside. We haven't been on that train yet, but I'm sure Finn would LOVE it! He wasn't all that impressed with the zoo last time we tried, but maybe I'll try again next month. You know, it is SO funny that you mention John eating the duck bread....Finn does that too. That's really the ONLY time he eats bread (even when we call it "duck bread" at home!). I hope John has a good day back at school tomorrow! It is so hard getting back to a normal routine, isn't it?