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Monday, February 1, 2010


Our little man is having surgery February 16.
We had an appointment with a new ENT this morning for the second opinion and fell in love with this doctor. He explained everything and kept asking if we have questions and really took his time with John. So here is the deal... John has large tonsils, on a scale from 1 to 4 he is a 3 1/2. The doctor said that John has Darth Vader breathing and definitely has an obstruction and the best solution is to get his tonsils out. As well we will be getting his adenoids out because the grow congruently with the tonsils. They also checked his hearing and he passed but has some issues with pressure in both ears. It is like he can not pop his ears on a plane ride. So that can be an issue with how he is hearing his words. Getting his adenoids out should help this issue and if down the line when we check his hearing again we will see if the pressure is gone and if not we might look into ear tubes.


Reba said...

hey court, just wanted to wish your little buddy luck! naomi is having ear tubes put in this friday and i am pretty scared! but i had them done myself and it was a pretty quick procedure. a little girl at n's daycare just had the adenoids/tonsils procedure done and it made a HUGE difference in how easy it is for her to breathe. i hope it helps john too.

tbonegrl said...

Good luck! We find out tomorrow if my Jack will get a second set of tubes and adenoids out.