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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This last week has been a trying one. On Saturday as I had said in the last post, John didn't feel well and it just got worse. Sunday he still was sick and Brandon was getting sick. You could just tell that we were in for a bad week. The worse thing was I was feeling bad and Brian was leaving for Lake Tahoe for a skiing trip. i had my mom come over Sunday night to help me out, the boys were fussy and John had a fever (it got up to 102.5) and Brandon was running around like a crazy person from being cooped up for so long. Well I woke up Monday morning (praise the Lord John slept through the night) feeling really bad. Got my mom to come over so I could go to the doctor and low and behold I had strep throat. I call Brian in Tahoe and he had lost his voice and had some congestion. So I knew Brian had to take the boys to the doctor. Cindy (aka Nana) and my mom (aka Jojo) took the boys to the after hours clinic and can you believe this... John has an ear infection. FIRST ONE EVER FOR EITHER BOY! Brandon has a sinus infection. So we are all sick. I went ahead and told mom to go home Monday night and i could deal with the boys. Well John decided to wake up seven times that night. He ended up in bed with me (again, the first time ever). Tuesday they were still very fussy and Cindy came over and hung out with us and helped out with the boys and spend the night so I could get some rest but of course John slept through the night!! Today, we are all doing a little better. I feel good as long as I have meds in me. Brandon has his appetite back but is still being very lazy which is not normal for him (he also lost 8oz. this week) and John is being very clingy and fussy, cries over anything and only wants to be with me and watch videos (he lost a pound this week).
I am exhausted and am ready for Brian to get home (he called and is feeling 100%). The boys and I are at about 50-60% but they are going to school tomorrow to get out of the house since we have been inside for 5 days straight! We are all on antibiotics and hopefully will be well by the weekend.
John is still scheduled for surgery Tuesday so we will be doing the clingy, video, and crying thing next week too. But at least it will only be one kiddo! Next we embark on Brandon going to school and being alone at night with out his brother by his side. Should be interesting!