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Monday, June 15, 2009

Water,water and more water... and maybe a cage?

The Houston heat is killing us this summer so we have been trying to keep cool by playing in the water almost everyday. It is interesting because my water boy (John) has eczema and it gets worse in the water but we prevail and do it anyways!

This is their new whale pool in our backyard. The new water table that doesn't truly interest them but you have to have one... right?

My moms best friend Debbie works for the school district and since she is out for the summer we just had to drop by her place. My mom and Debbie braved the pool with the twins
They LOVE the water hose
Brandon lounging
John likes the taste of sunscreen???

They also found the dog cage at Debbie's and just had to play in it while eating lunch... nice and sanitary

Brandon has food all over his face!
Playing on the splash pad in our back yard
John playing with our dog Lucy
Like I said, the water table does not much interest them
Just had to include these:

Daddy found a new way to play with the slide


Reba said...

love the video court! the boys look like so much fun.

Chrissy said...

too cute... reminds of my days playing in the water hose. such fun memories :)