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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Year and a half!

I can not believe my little babies are 18 months old. I can now say they are a year and a half old. WOW!
They just seem so big these days. They are jabbering up a storm and saying a few words like mama, dada, nana, dog. That is really the only ones I can recognize. They are everywhere climbing and getting into everything. They both still love to be outside and swing and play in water. John is being very shy these days with people and very clingy to me still. I pray this passes and he warms up to people. Brandon is just everywhere with everyone. He still does not like it when I walk away from where he is though. They get their checkup on Thursday so I will post their stats then. I am excited to see how much they weigh and their height. One thing I am noticing with both of them, they are both becoming more independent. They want to drink out of adult cups, use utensils and sit on the couch all alone. It is too cute but also very frustrating as they struggle getting use to these new things.

Here is John at a restaurant holding his "big" cup
Brandon sitting in the "big" chair

Brandon trying to use his spoon with yogurt
John decided his finger was better
At the lake this weekend they played with water hoses... they have become obsessed
Here is Brandon putting water in the sand
John filling up the pool. LOVE this picture

Playing with daddy
Its been so hot daddy didn't mind getting wet

My dad showed up with BIG MABLE... Brian took this picture of me getting ready to ride
Brian getting ready


Bobbi said...

happy 18 months Brandon and John!

Staci said...

It looks like ya'll are beating the heat down there. The boys are getting so big.

Chrissy said...

I love the pic you love too. Hilarious and adorable.