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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May... already?

Where is all the time going? May is already here and it brought a hot summer with it. Brian got an opportunity to go to Dallas this past weekend so I packed the boys up, picked my mom up and headed to the lake.

Brandon loving the swing

John could have fallen asleep

The swings go sideways, back and forth and diagonal... they are too cool


Go-gurt... they love it

We have some friends having twin boys and we decided to let them have some toys and such to help them out and get it out of our place! Of course the moment we brought the toys out to pack the boys wanted to play with them.... too cute and so fun to see how much they have grown


Ashhog said...

They are getting so big!!!

Harris Boys said...

that second to last pic is so cute...what a big smile and wow they really have grown...

Bobbi said...

They are getting so big! I love the buddha belly pictures :)

kdurec said...

ISn't it amazing how big they seem when they are around baby stuff now?

I love their haircuts! They definitely look like they are ready for summer!